Top 5 Water Softening Systems of 2019

Knowing what water softener system to buy can be quite challenging. You’ve probably read quite a few articles about water softener reviews 2019 but it could be tough if you don’t know what’s best. Well, you could take a shot in the dark and see. You know that’s not going to have a good result. Here we’re going to give you our top five picks for water softening systems. Sure, there are many more systems out there. But, these are the ones that every homeowner need to pay attention to.

List Of Top 5 Water Softening Systems of 2019 That You Can Buy

GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener

The GE 30,000 Grain Water Softener is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget. It’s the best budget water softener on the market today. You won’t have to fill it up with salt every month as it can hold over 200 pounds of salt. We all know how difficult those big bags of salt are to lug. That won’t be a problem if you’re using this system that is filled up with more salt than others.

Morton 45,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener

The Morton 45,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener is an excellent choice for those who want incredibly soft water. You may find that your water is very hard. If that’s the case, then you’re going to enjoy using the Morton 45,000 Grain Capacity Water Softener. It has a huge capacity, and it takes out all of the bad stuff. You’ll notice the difference immediately when taking showers or even watering your lawn.

Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

The Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener has been receiving rave reviews online, and it’s not going to stop any time soon. This is a water softener that comes in a variety of sizes. They know that not one size fits all when it comes to your water softening needs. Even the hardest water is no challenge for the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener. If you’ve got stubborn hard water that’s difficult to soften, this is softener for you.

Pentair 5600sxt-48k-10 Water Softener

The Pentair 5600sxt-48k-10 Water Softener is a great device for those who are seeking simplicity. There’s not many bells and whistles to fool around with on this water softener. It gets straight to the point and gets the job done. What more can you ask for? You won’t have any problems setting up this softener, and it works like a charm.

US Water Aquatrol 56SE Metered Water Softener

The US Water Aquatrol 56SE Metered Water Softener is in our opinion the best overall water softener. It comes in four different sizes and that great news depending on the size of the house that you have. You’ll also find that this water softener won’t make you go bankrupt. If you’re looking for a practical softener that won’t send you in the poor house, this is the one. It’ll soften your water regardless of the size of the house you live in.

Always ask a professional if you have questions

It’s impossible to go over every little detail in a post like this. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask a professional. They’ll be more than willing to answer any questions that you may have. Water softening systems aren’t that complicated, and you should have a full grasp on a particular model works by merely reading a brief product description.

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5 Super Cool DIY to Update Your Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom can be an expensive proposition. For example, you’ll have to spend well above 100 dollars on single sheets. On the other hand, new bedding could cost thousands. So how to revamp this vital room without going broke? This is where DIY bedroom decor ideas come in handy. You can renovate your bedroom for a fraction of the cost with DIY projects. In case you need more information, follow these 5 cool DIY to update your bedroom.

Infuse whimsy with the DIY bed canopy

Nothing is more romantic than a bed canopy. You can find high-end canopies for more than 100 dollars. However, good-quality canopies below 50 dollars are also available in the market. Shop around wisely to pick the best one matching your preferences. Once purchased, you want to make a big difference with the canopy. So how do you do this? Hang the canopy using sheer curtains and handmade copper rods positioned on the bed corners. This kind of hanging will give a new look and feel to your overall bedroom.

Add lyrics to your pillows.

If you wish to decorate your bedroom in a contemporary manner, you may want to add lyrics to your pillows. Lyrics will infuse a trendy and funny element. Use bold letters to write lyrics. This DIY idea has two distinct benefits. Firstly, it’s the least expensive idea. Secondly, you can change the sayings or lyrics too often. Be sure to add sayings or lyrics in dark shades. Also, pair your pillows with white bedding to complete the feel and look.

Drape eucalyptus above your bed

Eucalyptus gives a feminine feel to the room. It’s relaxing and renders a bit of hydrogen to the bedroom. Here, you don’t need to buy the real greenery. While it doesn’t hurt to buy real eucalyptus, you may have to change it now and then. Fake herbs, on the other side, will give you the same feeling and look. Also, artificial eucalyptus will last longer to beautify your bedding room.

Re-imagine your bedside table with the marble contact paper

This DIY bedroom project is ideal for folks who love a sophisticated and chic space for laying their head. In fact, marble contact paper is a hot crafty item to make things look more high-end and trendy than they actually are. No one can tell that the top isn’t a marble without touching it. Best of all, you don’t need to invest too much in this innovative DIY project.

Use lace curtains to bring in farmhouse character.

Wooden beams and lace are iconic designing elements in farmhouse style houses. However, nobody thinks about putting/using both of them together. This fantastic idea can transform a wooden beam into a curtain rod. Also, it acts as a canopy and extends across the bedroom length. Alternatively, you can hang up a curtain rod over the bed while draping lace curtains down.


Renovating your bedding room need not be an expensive chore, thanks to so many DIY bedroom decor ideas. Just follow the above 5 cool DIY to update your bedroom, and you could transform your simple looking bedroom into an elegant space. If you like this article, share it with your friends and buddies online.

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